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Nothing unexpected as the Apple Watch stayed the world’s top selling smartwatch during Q4 2020

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The most recent information from Counterpoint Research (through AppleInsider) truly shows how one organization is overwhelming the smartwatch business. Also, despite the fact that Timex takes a licking and continues ticking, it isn’t the organization we have at the top of the priority list (in spite of the fact that it dispatched its first watch in 1854). All things considered, you don’t should be a virtuoso to sort out the appropriate response. You should simply get a brief look at the wrists of individuals around you and you’ll see that many are wearing the Apple Watch.

True to form, Apple overwhelmed the worldwide smartwatch market during the final quarter of 2020.

Antithesis says that the Apple Watch represented 40% of all smartwatch deals during the final quarter of 2020; the nearest rival was Samsung with only 10% of the market during the time frame from October through December 2020. During the earlier year’s final quarter, Apple claimed 34% of the smartwatch piece of the overall industry while Samsung had 9%. Generally speaking deals during the quarter was marginally lower on a year-over-year premise on account of the Covid. Contradiction said that smartwatches turned in “a practically level 2020” contrasted with the first year.

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The scientist said that the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE together represented the conveyance of 12.9 million units in the quarter. Samsung saw its offer ascent 1% on a yearly premise because of the arrival of the Galaxy Watch 3 during the second 50% of 2020. After Apple’s 40% portion of the smartwatch market during Q4 2020, and Samsung’s 10%, Huawei was third during the final quarter with an 8% cut of the smartwatch pie. Fitbit was next with a 7% offer followed by BBK; the last incorporates brands like Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and in. It represented 6% of smartwatch creation during the Q4 of 2020. The “others” classification made 31% of the smartwatches sold during the final quarter.

Apple keeps adding wellbeing-related highlights to the Apple Watch. In Series 6 it added a blood oxygen sensor that decides if you are sending sufficient oxygen all through your body. This instrument, known as a heartbeat oximeter, can likewise give you an admonition ahead of time whether you do have COVID-19. The Series 7 Apple Watch was initially thought to incorporate a sensor that would screen the client’s blood glucose level. With that perusing, diabetics can decide how much insulin they need to infuse themselves with before they plunk down to eat. Nonetheless, the most recent word from Apple is that this component won’t be prepared on schedule during the current year’s Apple Watch. That is really awful in light of the fact that offering such a component on the Apple Watch could save diabetics a huge load of cash and agony. Apple’s test would be non-obtrusive so there would be no requirement for the client to prick himself with a sharp needle and draw blood. There likewise would be no compelling reason to consistently purchase the expendable strips used to test with.


Antithesis investigator Sujeong Lim says that Apple’s expanding piece of the overall industry in spite of its somewhat heavy value implies that smartwatches with higher Average Selling Prices are profiting by more appeal. Lim says, “The smartwatch market is being driven by three premium brands – Apple, Samsung, and Huawei,” she said. “We accept the ASPs will keep on ascending throughout the following a few years as these organizations’ leader models keep on driving. Then again, Apple’s prosperity with its Watch SE model will probably prod others like Samsung to deliver comparable variations, drawing nearer to the mass market.”


The Apple Watch SE is a less expensive variant of the Apple Watch that takes out a portion of the wellbeing highlights and the new consistently in plain view. It is evaluated $120 less expensive than the Apple Watch Series 6 and is an age behind with regards to chips. In any case, it is a workable gadget that will without a doubt be the initial step for some on that street named “the Apple environment.”


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