• High as can be 360Hz revive rate with low info slack
  • Splendid, high-contrast picture
  • Smooth activity
  • Heaps of USB ports

The shading range isn’t excessively wide

Costly for a 25-inch 1080p board

  • Board Size (Corner-to-Corner) 25 inches
  • Local Resolution 1920 by 1080
  • Viewpoint Ratio 16:9
  • Screen Technology IPS
  • Appraised Screen Luminance 400 album/m^2
  • Appraised Contrast Ratio 1,000:1
  • Pixel Refresh Rate 360 Hz
  • Versatile Sync Nvidia G-Sync
  • Video Inputs DisplayPort, HDMI
  • USB Ports (Excluding Upstream) 5
  • VESA DisplayHDR Level DisplayHDR 400
  • Measurements (HWD) 20 by 22 by 9.3 inches
  • Weight 12.9 lbs
  • Stature Adjustable Stand? Yes
  • Shifting Stand? Yes
  • Turning Stand? Yes
  • Scene/Portrait Pivot No
  • Guarantee (Parts/Labor) 3 years

Board speed and picture perfection are the keys to a decent gaming screen, and the Acer Predator X25 pushes those ideas as far as possible. This screen includes a squint quick 360Hz revive rate, remaining close by the Asus ROG Swift PG259QN as the quickest invigorate work area screen we’ve seen at this point. Its activity is unfathomably smooth, its image is splendid, and its information slack stands among the most reduced we’ve seen. The $799.99 cost may be somewhat difficult to accept for a 25-inch 1080p screen, however.

A Predator Design With Teeth

The Predator X25 is smooth and dull, with a flimsy dark band going around the sides and top of the screen, and a half-inch matte-dark base bezel with a silver Predator logo in the lower-left corner. The band offers a path to an exhaust grille simply behind it, running at the edges and top.

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The screen sits on a dark necked remain with a gunmetal-shading, Y-formed base that allows the screen to slide here and there (over around a 4-inch range), slant forward and back (from – 5 to 25 degrees), and turn left and right (- 20 to 20 degrees). It likewise has a standard VESA mount on the back for utilizing your own stands or arms.

acer predator x25
Acer predator x25

Most ports sit in the focal point of the rear of the screen, looking down. These incorporate two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort input, an upstream USB port, two downstream USB Type-A ports, an earphone jack, and the connector for the force connector. Two more USB-A ports face left on the rear of the screen. A clear white band additionally stumbles into the focal point of the rear of the screen in a topsy turvy “U” shape, covering a progression of RGB lights.

A four-heading joystick and four extra control catch sit on the lower right corner of the rear of the screen.

The RGB lighting on the rear of the Predator X25 can be controlled with the Acer RGB Light Sense application, which offers some straightforward however incredible alternatives. You can program the lights yourself with different impacts and shadings, or you can set the lights to coordinate with the ones that are on your screen at some random time, giving encompassing lighting that supplements whatever you’re doing. The lights can likewise be set to synchronize with any sound playing through the implicit speakers. On the off chance that you play League of Legends, you can likewise introduce the RGB Light Sense LOL application, which causes the lights to react to the activity in the game. (At present, it works just with LOL.)

Acer predator x25 Back Side
Acer predator x25 Back Side

The lights don’t get excessively splendid, however, they offer a lovely gleam, particularly if the screen is almost a divider to mirror the light. The screen sync mode is especially pleasant since the lights consequently will add to the shade of whatever is on your screen with no requirement for extra setup.

Testing the X25: A Portrait of Sheer Speed

The Predator X25 is a 25-inch, 1,920-by-1,080-pixel screen with a Fast IPS board and a local revive pace of 360Hz. It highlights VESA DisplayHDR 400 and Nvidia G-Sync.

We test screens with a Klein K10-A colorimeter, a Murideo SIX-G signal generator, and Portrait Displays’ CalMAN 5 programming. Out of the container, the Predator X25 shows a faint picture, with a pinnacle brilliance of 58.794cd/m^2 and a praiseworthy dark degree of 0.037cd/m^2 for a good differentiation proportion of 1,606:1. This is on the grounds that the X25 is set to the Eco mode naturally, and the other picture modes are a whole lot more splendid.

acer predator x25 360hz
acer predator x25 360hz

In the Standard picture mode, with an SDR signal, the X25 shows a pinnacle splendor of 167.631cd/m^2 and a dark degree of 0.037cd/m^2, working out to a brilliant difference proportion of 4,509:1. These numbers don’t change altogether in other picture modes, like Action. (See more about how we test screens.)

With an HDR signal, the screen gets a lot more brilliant, showing a pinnacle splendor of 468.750cd/m^2 and a comparatively raised dark level (0.123cd/m^2) for a somewhat lower contrast proportion of 3,811:1. In any case, this is magnificent for a gaming screen; most we’ve seen have contrast proportions nearer to 1,000:1 than 4,000:1.

While the Predator X25 dominates at splendor and difference, it doesn’t exactly intrigue in the shading range. The outline beneath shows the screen’s shading levels in Standard picture mode contrasted and the sRGB shading space…

The screen covers practically all of sRGB, at 98.5%, which is near Acer’s case of 99% sRGB inclusion. These tones are likewise very exact.

Nonetheless, it can’t approach the more extensive DCI-P3 computerized film shading space, which other gaming screens in this value range have made progress toward as of late. The following graph shows the Predator X25’s shading execution with an HDR signal analyzed against the DCI-P3 shading space…

It covers just 79.7% of the range, while the Asus ROG PG259QN covers 98.3%, the Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 covers 89.4%, and the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD covers 96.8% of DCI-P3 (and these effectively cover sRGB).

The Predator X25 is loaded with gamer-centered highlights, including the new Nvidia Reflex inactivity analyzer incorporated into the OSD. Reflex tests the slack time between mouse clicks and your gunfire onscreen, telling you how long you may be losing with each shot. This is unique in relation to the info slack we test, which is absolutely how quick the screen changes with a sign, however, it can offer some input about your mouse’s responsiveness.

To empower it, you select Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer under G-Sync Processor in the OSD, plug your agreeable mouse into the red USB port on the screen, and set the discovery square shape (which it screens for changes, for example, gag streaks) in light of the format of the shoot-them up you’re playing. A proportion of the slack between your snaps and shots in the game will show up in the upper right corner of the screen. This is a fascinating apparatus, however, we can’t pass judgment on its handiness or exactness without seeing it on a couple of more screens.

acer predator x25 360hz Monitor
acer predator x25 360hz Monitor

Concerning customary info slack (the measure of time between when a screen gets a sign and the screen refreshes), we test that with an HDFury Diva HDMI framework. With a 60Hz test signal, the Predator X25 shows an info slack of 1.4 milliseconds. This is unfathomably low, in any event, for a gaming screen, binds with the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD and the Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 for the most reduced info slack we’ve seen at this point.

Media and Gaming Performance

In spite of the generally restricted shading range, the Predator X25 looks very great while showing non-gaming content. Our 4K Costa Rica test film (yield at 1080p to coordinate with the screen’s local goal) looks splendid and beautiful with an HDR signal through Windows 10. The greens of plants and reptiles are rich and dynamic, similar to the blues of the sky and water, and the reds of blossoms. Subtleties are sharp for the goal, yet you will not get very as fresh an image as you’d get with a 1440p QHD gaming screen like the AOC Agon PD27 and MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD referenced previously.

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The Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition benchmark looks awesome on the Predator X25. Shadings look clear and common, and the screen’s solid differentiation shows strong detail in the characters’ dim garments. The activity is super-smooth, with no unevenness. Nonetheless, the 1080p goal implies the image actually isn’t just about as sharp as equivalently valued 1440p gaming screens in comparative sizes.

Acer Predator X25 Review
Acer Predator X25 Review

The activity in the esports exemplary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is likewise extremely smooth on the Predator X25, flaunting the screen’s 360Hz invigorate rate and backing for Nvidia G-Sync. Development looked liquid, and I didn’t see any screen tearing or unevenness in any event, when twirling around rapidly almost a divider, the sort of activity that would trigger it if inclined to do as such.

Brilliant and Smooth at 25

The Acer Predator X25‘s 360Hz invigorate rate guarantees amazingly smooth interactivity, and it’s very low information slack methods your play will be responsive to. What’s more, it’s very splendid and high-contrast for a gaming screen, and its shading execution is solid, as well, regardless of whether it doesn’t have the most stretched out shading range accessible in a board of its group.

Best Monitor 2021
Best Monitor 2021

It’s extravagant for a 25-inch, 1080p screen, however, even one with a 360Hz invigorate rate. The Predator X25 is a proficient contender to the Asus ROG PG259QN, as a super high-invigorate rate screen, however, at a similar cost, the Porsche Design AOC Agon PD27 appears to be a smidgen more engaging than one or the other screen, with its somewhat bigger, higher-goal 27-inch 1440p screen and still exceptionally high 240Hz revive rate. The MSI Optix MAG274QD-QRF is another incredible entertainer for a large portion of the cost, with its own 27-inch, 1440p screen a still-extremely solid 165Hz rate.


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